Traction Fund

What we do

At Traction Fund, we back the investments of Traction Club Partners - a social club of innovative Fortune-500 executives, unicorn founders, and startup operators.

Traction Club Partners equips relentless startup founders with the necessary tools to create and maintain hockey stick growth.

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Our portfolio companies

We are looking to empower game-changers who can do the following

Identify and solve the most pressing problems of customers.
Develop the Product
Be at a post-product revenue generating stage.
Sell to enterprises or leverage corporate partnerships as sales channels.
Set Barriers
Invent high barriers to entry for competition.
Demonstrate an annual recurring revenue (ARR) or an annualized revenue of $500k+ for early-stage or $100M+ for growth stage companies.

Investment process

We perform deep-dive analysis and customer development prior to any investment.
We invest in handful of emerging leaders vetted from 2,000 startups that we analyze per year.
We syndicate $1M - $5M checks from Traction Club Partners and a wide network of co-investing family offices and HNWIs.
Having lower number of investments allows us to dedicate more time to each startup and hence enable more traction.
Because Traction matters.